Term 4 Newsletter for the Hawthorn Judo Club
Welcome, back to another great term at Hawthorn. We have some exciting events ahead of us this term. The children will all be working towards their next grading. I’m hoping a large number of my members will make the effort to travel to Drouin and compete in this year’s Regional Competition. This is an excellent Competition to start representing our club in. The children will be able to rely on the drill training we did last term as well as our focus on combinations and counters. The other Competition is the EOY JVI Celebration Competition. For all my members who love their Kata there will be a Regional Kata Seminar on 22nd October, also held in Drouin. Rod, Franc and I attended / Kodokan Kata Seminar in Brisbane last term.

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Oceania Judo Union and Kodokan Kata Seminar

Two Kodokan Senseis flew from Japan to teach at this year’s OJU KDK Kata Seminar. They were Samashima Motonari Sensei, 8th Dan, and Otsugi Hirofumi Sensei, 7th Dan. The members of the Oceania Judo Union Kata Commission who assisted were Bill Vincent 8th Dan from New Zealand, Michelle Matthews 6th Dan from Victoria and Ernie Wakamatsu 5th Dan from NSW.

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